PANI KA is a label created by a young polish designer Kamila Dziezyc. Launched in 2012 it has already gained a wide recognition within the industry in her home country. Kamila has perfected her craft at The Academy of Fine Arts in Lodz, Poland, where she has gained a degree in Jewellery Design. Her graduate collection was showcased in one of the most prestigious boutiques in the country – Yes Gallery. PANI KA is distinctive, bold, minimalist and unrestricted in its forms all at the same time. It pushes the boundaries of traditional jewellery design and explores the potential of the relationship between the body and jewellery forms – the way they can influence, stimulate and complement each other. The only limit is your imagination.

Awards / exhibitions

  • 2012 award during the Legnica competition Biz ART.
  • 2014 solo exhibition at the Gallery YES.

Cooperation / Projects

  • Ania Kruk
  • Yes